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  • Station or cluster: CryoNet Cluster
  • Type: Integrated
  • WMO ID (if any):
  • Shape: polygon
  • Latitude, longitude: 37.5, 96.5
  • Altitude and/or range (m): 4180; 2500-5483
  • Landscape: Glacier
  • Year established: 2006
  • Year-round? Yes
  • Operations contact: Shengyun Chen
  • Science contact: Xiang Qin
  • Data contact: Yushuo Liu

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Qilianshan site
Integrated CryoNet Cluster Information

The Qilian Shan Station of Glaciology and Ecologic Environment (QSSGEE) consists of the Basic Station in Yumen City , Laohugou Station and Suli Station,which is located in the west part of Qilianshan Mountains. The observation of cryospheric component, such as glacier. was initiated in 1958, and ceased in 1962. Afterwards, some short-term scientific expedition to the glacier was taken in the middle of 1970s and the 1980s. In 2006, an integrated cryospheric component monitoring network was resumed at the headwater of the Shule River.

Stations in This Site

This site is comprised of the following stations:

Broad Research Focus

1.Cryospheric Processes: carrying out routine monitoring of various parameters of cryosphere, establishing the glacier dynamics model, glacier/snow/frozen ground mass-energy model, and estimating future changes in glacier/frozen ground.

2.Hydrological Processes and Water Resources: Building the basin hydrological model, which includes glacier changes, snow melt and permafrost thawing?combining the prediction of climate change scenarios, driven hydrological model?Expecting the impact of glaciers, snow cover, permafrost changes on Shule River basin water resources in the future.

3. Ecological Community and its Environmental Change: monitoring the change of various types of vegetation ecological community at different altitudes, and revealing its relationship with environmental change under the law of nature and human activities.

Integrated Approach

integrated glacier-meteorology-hydrology,between frozen ground and ecology,

Representativeness of the Cluster

investigation of the vegetation characteristics and soil environment were conducted and a total of 13 plots were selected along the altitude gradients (2500-4200m)

Cluster Facilities


Other Networks to Which This CryoNet Cluster Belongs

Data Information


The measurements made at Qilianshan site are listed in the following tables. This is a combination of measurements made at the stations within the site, where the start and end years in the tables are the earliest and latest years of measurement. (Note: If End Year is blank, measurements are ongoing.)

Cryosphere Measurements

Element Variable Start Year End Year
PermafrostSoil temperature2011
PermafrostSoil moisture2011
PermafrostThermal state2011
PermafrostDistribution (local/regional)2011
GlacierAnnual mass balance2008
GlacierGlacial discharge2009
GlacierSurface topography2009
GlacierSurface albedo2009
GlacierIce/firn temperature2009

Atmosphere Measurements

Element Variable Start Year End Year
MetAir temperature2008
MetHumidity/vapour pressure2008
MetWind speed and direction2008
MetAir pressure2008
MetTotal precipitation2008
MetTrace gases20082012
MetSensible and latent heat2008
RadiationDownwelling shortwave2008
RadiationUpwelling shortwave2008
RadiationDownwelling longwave2008
RadiationUpwelling longwave2008

Measurement Notes and Other Measurements

Category Description or List
Hydrologyions of river water and precipitation ions of river water and precipitation.
Ecology monitoring the change of various types of vegetation ecological community at different altitudes, monitoring the change of various types of vegetation ecological community at different altitudes, the headwater of the Shule River.

Last updated: 31 May 2017