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  • Station or cluster: CryoNet Station
  • Type: Reference
  • Attribute(s):
  • WMO ID (if any):
  • Shape: polygon
  • Latitude, longitude: 61.556, 8.441
  • Altitude and/or range (m): 1482-2229
  • Landscape: Glacier
  • Year established: 1962
  • Year-round? No
  • Operations contact: Liss Marie Andreassen
  • Science contact: Liss Marie Andreassen
  • Data contact: Liss Marie Andreassen
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Reference CryoNet Station Information

Other Networks to Which This CryoNet Station Belongs

Measurement Methods Used

Data Information


Andreassen, L. M., H. Elvehøy, B. Kjøllmoen, and R. V. Engeset, R. V. 2016. Reanalysis of long-term series of glaciological and geodetic mass balance for 10 Norwegian glaciers, The Cryosphere, 10, 535-552, doi:10.5194/tc-10-535-2016.

Andreassen, L.M., H. Elvehøy, B. Kjøllmoen, R. V. Engeset and N. Haakensen. 2005. Glacier mass balance and length variation in Norway. Annals of Glaciology, 42, 317-325.

Bjarne Kjøllmoen (Ed.), Liss M. Andreassen, Hallgeir Elvehøy, Miriam Jackson and Rianne H. Giesen, 2016: Glaciological investigations in Norway 2011-2015. NVE Rapport 88 2016, 171 p. + app.


The measurements made at Hellstugubreen are listed in the following tables. (Note: If End Year is blank, measurements are ongoing.)

Cryosphere Measurements

Element Variable Start Year End Year Frequency
GlacierAnnual mass balance1962
GlacierWinter mass balance1962Continuous
GlacierSurface topography1941Sporadic
GlacierIce/firn temperature20142015Sporadic

Last updated: 31 May 2017