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  • Station or cluster: Contributing Station
  • WMO ID (if any): 1007
  • Shape: point
  • Latitude, longitude: 78.92, 11.93
  • Altitude and/or range (m): 8
  • Landscape: Tundra
  • Year established: 1991
  • Year-round? Yes
  • Operations contact:
  • Science contact: Hiroyuki Enomoto
  • Data contact: Hironori Yabuki
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Rabben Station in Ny-Alesund
Contributing Station Information

The Rabben Station was established in 1991 at Ny-Alesund on Spitsbergen Island, Svalbard Islands. The station has engaged in the observations of clouds, aerosols, radiation, aurora, greenhouse gases, vegetation distributions and ecosystem studies within the international cooperative observation system in Ny-Åiesund.

Other Networks to Which This Contributing Station Belongs

Measurement Methods Used

Data Information


See http://www.nipr.ac.jp/aerc/e/index.html

Additional Information Documents


The measurements made at Rabben Station in Ny-Alesund are listed in the following tables. (Note: If End Year is blank, measurements are ongoing.)

Cryosphere Measurements

Element Variable Start Year End Year Frequency
GlacierAnnual mass balanceSporadic
GlacierSurface topographySporadic
GlacierFacies, snowlineSporadic

Atmosphere Measurements

Element Variable Start Year End Year Frequency
MetTrace gasesContinuous

Measurement Notes and Other Measurements

Category Description or List
Atmospheresky-radiometer, all-sky camera, micro-pulse lidar, cloud radar, ground-based spectral albedo and flux radiometer, trace gases (CO2, CH4, N2O, SF6 and O2)

Last updated: 29 November 2017