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GCW Surface Network: CryoNet and Contributing Stations

CryoNet is the core GCW network of surface measurement stations. The GCW network also has Contributing stations that are not part of CryoNet. These may be stations that have very limited measurements, inconsistent data records, provide information that is redundant with CryoNet stations in the same geographic area, do not completely follow CryoNet measurement practices, or in some other way do not provide the quality and consistency of data required of CryoNet stations. Both CryoNet and Contributing stations are listed below.

 Station/SiteOperating CountryLocationType
1Rabben Station in Ny-AlesundJapanSvalbardContributing Station
2Sonnblick Integrated SiteAustriaAustriaCryoNet Site
3Qilianshan siteChinaChinaCryoNet Site
4Sodankyla-PallasFinlandFinlandCryoNet Site
5QilianChinaChinaCryoNet Station
6Tanggula Cryosphere and Environment Observation StationChinaChinaCryoNet Site
7Eureka (MSC)CanadaCanadaCryoNet Station
8HofsjökullIcelandIcelandCryoNet Site
9Antisana 15 alfaEcuadorEcuadorCryoNet Station
10Zongo GlacierFrance and BoliviaBoliviaCryoNet Station
11Morenas Coloradas RockglacierArgentinaArgentinaCryoNet Site
12Quelccaya Ice CapUSAPeruCryoNet Station
13Glaciar NorteMexicoMexicoCryoNet Site
14Saint-Sorlin GlacierFranceFranceCryoNet Station
15Argentiere GlacierFranceFranceCryoNet Station
16Mer de Glace GlacierFranceFranceContributing Station
17Gebroulaz GlacierFranceFranceContributing Station
18XidatanChinaChinaCryoNet Station
19TanggulaChinaChinaCryoNet Station
20TiksiRussiaRussiaCryoNet Station
21Ice Base Cape BaranovaRussiaRussiaCryoNet Station
22VurilochesArgentinaArgentinaCryoNet Station
23AonikenkArgentinaArgentinaCryoNet Site
24Barrow Baseline ObservatoryUSAUSACryoNet Station
25Tianshan siteChinaChinaCryoNet Site
26Zackenberg GEM ZERODenmarkGreenlandCryoNet Site
27KoxkarChinaChinaCryoNet Site
28SIGMA-AJapanGreenlandCryoNet Station
29SIGMA-BJapanGreenlandCryoNet Station
30ConcordiaFrance-ItalyAntarcticaCryoNet Site
31Spasskaya Pad (Yakutsk)JapanRussiaCryoNet Site
32AWS1 FORNIItalyItaly (Europe)CryoNet Station
33Valle NevadoChileChileCryoNet Station
34Mocho-Choshuenco VolcanoChileChileContributing Station
35Col de PorteFranceFranceCryoNet Station
36Weissfluhjoch - DavosSwitzerlandSwitzerlandCryoNet Site