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The GCW Website does not contain any raw data. Instead, data can be accessed through the GCW Data Portal. The Portal is a web interface that contains information about datasets (metadata), but not the data itself. Instead, it links to datasets that are stored at partner data centres. It is compatible with the WMO Information Service (WIS). The GCW Portal was developed by the Norwegian Meteorological Institite ("Met Norway" or "MetNo"). It is in a pre-operational phase at this time*. Additional details of the Data Portal are available here.

Data centers being addressed within GCW data management currently or in the short term. Solid lines indicate existing linkages; dashed lines indicate ongoing discussions and/or testing. See the acronym page for definitions.

The GCW Portal home page

*The GCW Data Portal is currently considered as a pre-operational service. It is populated with metadata harvested from a number of contributing data centres, but data remains in the original location and are served through the interfaces supported by the originating data centre. The process of harvesting, filtering and translating metadata is still under development and will be modified through dialogue with contributing data centres and WMO activities organised through WIS and WIGOS.