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Below are links to the individual presentation files.

The 2nd Glacier Inventory of China (Liu Shiyin)
Glacier Ecosystems on Asian High Mountains (Nozomu Takeuchi)
Observations of Frozen Ground in China (Zhao Lin)
Climate Regime of Asian Glaciers Revealed by a New GAMDAM Glacier Inventory (Akiko Sakai, Koji Fujita)
A Brief Introduction for Cryospheric Sciences Data Platform (CSDP) (Shi Jian-zong)
SHARE RIVERS: A long term monitoring of waters in central southern Himalaya (Nepal) (Franco Salerno & Gianni Tartari)
CryoNet Asia - Some Lessons from Other Regional Networks (Barry Goodison)
Cryospheric and Related Observations over Pamir and West Tibet (Baiqing Xu & Lide Tian)
Asia Eurasian cryospheric data archive by CrDAP (Hironori Yabuki)
Cryospheric and related observations in Qilian Mountains (Qin Xiang)
Cryospheric observations at CMA stations (Zhang Dongqi, Wang Jiankai, Ma Lijuan)
Cryospheric and related observations at Tianshan and Altay mountains in China (Li Zhongqin, Han Haidong)
CryoNet Sonnblick Integrated Site (Wolfgang Schoener)
Cryospheric Measurements and Observations in Central Himalaya, India (Bhanu Pratap)
GCW Overview (Jeff Key)
High-cold region Observation and Research Network High-cold region Observation and Research Network for land surface processes and environment (HORN) for land surface processes and environment (HORN) (Liping Zhu)
Cryosphere Monitoring Programme in the Hindu Kush Himalayas and Cryosphere Knowledge Hub (Pradeep Mool)
Cryospheric observation from Mt. Everest to inland Tibetan Plateau (Shichang Kang, Cunde Xiao, Xiaobo He)
Cryospheric Databases in China (Xin Li, Tao Che, Rui Jin, Zhuotong Nan)
Sodankyla Arctic Research Centre Finland (Kari Luojus, Jouni Pulliainen)
CAIAG actions on high elevation CAIAG actions on high elevation observations in Kyrgyzstan (Bolot Moldobekov)
Polar Space Task Group: An Overview (Jeff Key)
Cryosphere Monitoring & Research in Pakistan (Ghulam Rasul)
´┐╝Cryospheric and related observations over Southeast Tibet (Liping Zhu, Yuanqing He)
´┐╝CryoNet: Network of Cryospheric Surface Observations (Wolfgang Schoener)
Field bases in the Russian Arctic (Vasily Smolyanitsky)
Status of cryospheric observations and gaps in China (Xiao Cunde)
Third Pole Environment (Fan Zhang, Tandong Yao)
WMO Integrated Global Observing System (Wenjian Zhang)