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Changes in the cyrosphere can have significant impacts on water supply, transportation, infrastructure, hunting, fisheries, recreation, and ecology. These handouts explain what the cryosphere is, explore the effects a changing cryosphere can have on these aspects of human life and provide overviews of GCW. Are each two pages, meant to be printed front and back on a single sheet of paper.
All handouts in one file (27 MB) (12 May 2019)
Cryosphere impacts (12 May 2019)
Observing the cryosphere (1 Apr 2016)
GCW overview (12 May 2019)
CryoNet (12 May 2019)
GCW data portal (5 May 2017)
GCW website (12 May 2019)
Snow Watch (1 Apr 2016)
Snow Watch Reporting (12 May 2019)

GCW Brochure

A tri-fold brochure that gives an overview of GCW is available as a PDF file. It is set up to be printed on US Letter size paper, but could be printed on any size paper if it is unscaled or scaled to keep the aspect ratio. Print it two-sided (short-edge binding), trim the edges, and fold it into three sections.

PDF version of brochure (22 May 2017)

GCW Poster

A poster that gives an overview of GCW is available as a PDF file. It was created with a layout of 36" x 48" (91 x 122 cm), though it is readable on a single US Letter or A4 page as well.

PDF version of poster (updated 22 May 2017)

GCW Logos

This is the current GCW logo. New ideas are welcome! Click on the image for the full size figure. (Revised 28 Nov 2017)

This is the GCW logo with a transparent background. It looks good with a light background, like light blue, but not so good with a dark background.

Here's a variation.

GCW "Cryosphere Circles" Figures

With a white background (not transparent):

With a transparent background:

These are nice figures to illustrate the different components of the cryosphere. The one on the left has the GCW in the center to indicate that GCW addresses all of the cryosphere. The one on the right is the original, which was created for the IGOS Cryosphere Theme (2007). Click on the image for the full size figure.

GCW Word Cloud


A word cloud gives greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in some text, in this case the GCW Implementation Plan. It shows that GCW is about the cryosphere, data, information, observations, and needs. These word clouds were generated at wordle.net. Click on an image above for the full size figure.

GCW QR Barcode

This QR code is a link to the GCW website home page (globalcryospherewatch.org). Use it on brochures or other printed material so smartphone users can easily get to the GCW website.