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Cryosphere Now: Permafrost and Seasonally Frozen Ground

The most recent frozen ground information is given below. Hover over a thumbnail to get the full image, description, and credits. Note, however, that permfrost changes slowly, so the information provided here may only be updated annually or semi-annually. Important: The products shown on the "Cryosphere Now" pages provide a variety of perspectives on the state of the cryosphere. They are for purposes of illustration and comparison and are not necessarily endorsed by GCW as "authoritative".

Northern Hemisphere:

Alaska Permafrost

Alaska permafrost information is from the Time series of annual permafrost temperatures (top) measured in Alaska's North Slope and Brooks Range regions. A characteristic permafrost map of Alaska (bottom) shows sites location within Alaska. Sites in the top figure are all located in the continuous permafrost zone. Permafrost Laboratory, University of Alaska-Fairbanks. Detailed, real-time station data are available at http://permafrostwatch.org.

Northern Hemisphere Thaw Depth

Percent Changes in active layer thickness (ALT) relative to the 1991-2014 average for 7 differeent Arctic regions. The lower right table documents the populations of measurement sites used to create corresponding time series.

Southern Hemisphere:

(No information yet)