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GCW Tropical Cryosphere Workshop

4-6 July 2017, Arusha, Tanzania

The Global Cryosphere Watch (GCW) held its first Tropical Cryosphere Workshop in Arusha, Tanzania, 4-6 July 2017. The workshop was hosted by the Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA). Participants were from Tanzania, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Morocco, Indonesia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Austria, Iceland, Switzerland, and the United States. The goals of this very productive workshop were to identify: (1) country and region specific challenges related to shrinking glaciers, changes in the distribution of snowfall, and other related changes in the cryosphere; (2) current activities, by national or international organizations, focusing on monitoring cryosphere components; (3) opportunities for improved monitoring and data exchange services; and (4) opportunities for further collaboration and engagements between national and international organizations.