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Cryosphere in the News

This feed is based on a variety of news sources, both scientific and mainstream media, including The Cryosphere journal and discussions, Cambridge University Press journals, Polar Research, Science Magazine, Nature, Science Daily, Science Now, CNN, BBC, NPR, PRI, AP, Radio Canada International, NASA's Earth Observatory, ESA news and blog, NSIDC, feedburner, Cosmos Magazine, NY Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, and Reuters. It is updated automatically multiple times each day. Since this is an automatic feed based on cryosphere keywords, occasionally articles that are not relevant are posted. We will continue to refine our filters to alleviate this problem. If you want to access this feed in a news reader, right-click on the RSS button above, copy the link, and add it to your RSS reader. Note: clicking on the button will not give you a readable feed!

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