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The Cryosphere Now

The Cryosphere Now pages provide recent plots, images, assessments, interesting events, and extreme that illustrate the current state of the cryosphere. For sea ice, snow, atmosphere, and satellite products, graphical information is generally no more than a few days old. Permafrost, glacier, and ice sheet information may be 6-12 months old. Graphics are automatically updated on a daily or monthly basis, depending on the product. Assessments of conditions over the last 6-12 months are also available. The meaning of "now" in "Cryosphere Now" is variable!

Use the pull-down menu above to access pages for sea ice, snow, glaciers, etc.

Important: The products shown on the "Cryosphere Now" pages provide a variety of perspectives on the state of the cryosphere. They are for purposes of illustration and comparison and are not necessarily endorsed by GCW as "authoritative".