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GCW Implementation Plan

[v1.7, 19 April 2016] This document describes the implementation of the World Meteorological Organization’s Global Cryosphere Watch (GCW). The official version approved by the World Meteorological Congress in 2015 (Cg-17) is v1.6, 24 January 2015. The focus of the plan is on the GCW organizational structure and key activities for the next five years. The document provides background information on GCW, applications of cryosphere data, a conceptual framework, operational structure including working groups and task teams, near-term tasks, milestones and deliverables, management, indicators of success, partnerships, and a discussion of resources. This plan will be periodically updated as GCW evolves.

Outreach Materials

Various outreach materials are available on the Outreach/Materials page. These include logos, handouts, a brochure, a poster, a QR barcode, and word clouds.

GCW Meeting Reports

The meeting reports listed below are available on the meeting web pages. They are linked here for convenience.

GCW Journal and Conference Papers

IGOS Cryosphere Theme Report

The Integrated Global Observing Strategy (IGOS) Cryosphere Theme was a combined initiative of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) Project and the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). The objective of the Theme was to create a framework for improved coordination of cryospheric observations for a more comprehensive, coordinated, and integrated cryosphere observing system. The Global Cryosphere Watch extends the work of the Theme in many ways. The IGOS Cryosphere Theme report was published in 2007. The IGOS Partnership was dissolved in 2008. More information on the theme is available at http://cryos.ssec.wisc.edu. (Note: The web domain igos-cryosphere.org was discontinued in late 2015.)