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CryoNet, the Core Component of the GCW Surface Network

The GCW surface observation network is comprised of a core component, called CryoNet, and contributing stations that are not part of CryoNet. The GCW network builds on existing cryosphere observing programmes and promotes the addition of standardized cryospheric observations to existing facilities in order to create more robust environmental observatories.

Contributing stations are those that provide useful measurements of the cryosphere, but whose data records may be shorter or with large gaps, do not completely follow CryoNet measurement practices, or in some other way do not provide the quality and consistency of data required of CryoNet stations. These stations may be in remote, hard to access regions where cryospheric observations are scarce or in regions where they complement other cryospheric measurements. Additional information is available on the individual pages under the Surface menu above or in the box on the right.

Why be a part of CryoNet? GCW will drive performance and provide motivation for high quality observations. Being a CryoNet site means being part of an international, operational, global observing system and thus providing observations of known quality for research and knowledge beyond a site’s local region. Being part of a global network brings not only better visibility but also a recognition of the importance of the observations made at your site. This in turn can bring better support, either funding or logistical support. GCW promotes the exchange of knowledge and data, so CryoNet sites may see broader use of their data and products.