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Media Coverage of 2nd Asia CryoNet Meeting

2-5 February 2016, Salekhard, Russia

There was quite a bit of media coverage of the 2nd Asia CryoNet Meeting in Salekhard. Television (TV) crews were present parts of each day doing short interviews. There were also a number of news articles in the local newspaper. With one exception, then are all in Russian, of course.

Newspaper and Online


TV program on "Yamal Plus" (release name "Cryosphere") on Yamal Region TV. Interviews with W. Schöner, V. Aizen, E. Charpentier, and J. Key, 02 February 2016. (Alternate link)
GTRK YAMAL (TV), program 1:
GTRK YAMAL (TV), program 2:
GTRK YAMAL (TV), program 3:
GTRK YAMAL (TV), program 4:
Yamal Region TV, program 1:
Yamal Region TV, program 2: